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Advanced vocabulary

Advanced vocabulary lists and exercises: 

Knoword is a quick thinking game that helps boost vocabulary, spelling, speed of thought, as well as increasing analytical, observational and typing skills.

Choose the correct synonym for the given word. If you get it right, you get a harder question.For each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to United Nations World Food Program.



Phrasal verbs


Phrasal  verbs  level PRE-INT.      exercise 1     exercise 2   exercises 3 (at the bottom of page)

Phrasal verbs:  level PRE-INT, INT.

Phrasal verbs :  levels INT., UPPER-INT.

Phrasal verbs :  levels INT., UPPER-INT.

Phrasal verbs: levels INT., UPPER-INT, ADV.

Phrasal verbs by topics:    UPPER-INT, ADV






Irregular Verbs

Practice all basic irregular verbs - levels: PRE-INT., INT.

British Council

Activities for Teenagers - language practice, exam tips, fun activites and lots more

Learn English Online for free – stories, games and activities  -

  •   Big City Small World – audio soap opera  Level  Pre-intermediate – Intermediate
  • videos about Great Britain - Level Intermediate and higher
  •   Words on the Street – you will learn about young English culture and how English works in everyday life -  Level Pre-intermediate and higher
  •  Magazine - many articles on different topics – read and listen – Level Intermediate and higher
  •   and much more. All the activities have  interactive exercises focusing on useful vocabulary and phrases



Word games


You will get 16 letters. Your task is to make as many words as possible in 3 minutes.  The words must have minimum 3 and maximum 7 letters.  When you form a word from letters, thay do not have to be connected. Detailed  instructions and scoring are on the website.  Level – ANY


In the first round you  need to choose CORRECTLY spelt words as quickly as possible. In the second round you click on the INCORRECTLY spelt words and also type to word correctly.  Level - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE


guess what is in the picture  Level - Elementary, Pre-intermediate  



Adjectives & Prepositions

Adjectives & Prepositions.

Grammar exercises - lots of grammar exercises on different topics and levels, explanation in English - interactive exercises, if you want to know more about any grammar, click on the link on the right side

Oxford English Grammar  - grammar exercises for all levels - lots of exercises on grammar and vocabulary



CEFR grammar levels

Here you will find a list of grammar points for each of these levels of The Common European Framework of Reference – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.

If you are preparing for PET, you should know all the grammar in A1,A2 and B1 levels. If you are preparing for FCE, you should learn also all the grammar in B2. CAE students need to master all this grammar.

On the same website you will also find exmple exam materials.

If you aren’t preparing for any exam, you can choose according to the book you are studying -  pre-intermediate coursebook – A2, intermediate coursebook – B1, upper-intermediate coursebook –  B2, advanced coursebook – C1.

If you click on the individual grammar points, you will be taken to a quiz with explanations.

Grammar, vocabulary and exam practice are divided by grammar levels of CEFR.

Grammar for PET

This website give you a list of all the grammar points you should master at level B1 (for PET exam). If you click on the grammar point, it will take you to a quiz on this topic and its explanation.


Relative prounouns (who,which,that … )



BBC Pronunciation course

A video course which explains individual English sounds, with examples,similar sound exercises and quizzes. Suitable even for beginners.